If you own a Temp Stick, there could be several reasons why you need to update its WiFi network information. Perhaps you have changed your WiFi password, moved the device to a new location, or upgraded your WiFi equipment.

To update your Temp Stick's WiFi information, simply follow these steps:

Temp Stick Version 1

Follow these steps to factory reset your Temp Stick:

  1. Pull out only one battery and wait 5 seconds.
  2. Insert that battery back into the sensor 6 times. On the 6th time leave the battery in the sensor.
  3. The light should flash a couple times and return to a steady blinking blue light indicating you are back in setup mode and your Temp Stick has been reverted to factory settings.
Resetting your Temp Stick v1

(Step 1A)

Resetting your Temp Stick v2

(Step 1C)

Temp Stick Version 2

Follow these steps to factory reset your Temp Stick:

  1. Turn off Temp Stick (slide power switch left).
  2. Hold down reset button, power on device, keep reset button held until the red led on front of Temp Stick turns to blue and release (30 seconds).
  3. Once you have a steady blinking red light the device has been reset to factory settings.

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