Temp Stick PRO

External Probe for Extreme Conditions and Lightning-Fast Alerts!

Probe Temperature (-238°F to 500°F)
Ambient Temperature (-40°F to 140°F)
Ambient Humidity (0 - 100%)
  • Ideal for Freezers, Coolers & Walk-Ins
  • Monitors Probe, Ambient Air & Power
  • Alerts via Text, App or Email
  • Power Outage & Recovery Alerts
  • Data-Logger + Unlimited History
  • Runs on AC and/or 2x AA Batteries
  • WiFi Connected, Access from Anywhere
  • No Fees or Subscriptions
  • Made in America Proudly Made in America
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Sale $189.00
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Protect what's important with Temp Stick PRO and avoid disaster!

Monitor temperature in walk-in coolers and freezers

Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

Monitor temperature in hot tub, pools and spas

Hot Tubs, Pools & Spas

Monitor extreme temperatures with Temp Stick PRO

Medical Freezers

Included thermocouple probe allows you to monitor extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Nothing Beats a Temp Stick!

Instant Alerts

Instant Alerts

Send Text, Email and Push Notifications to individuals and groups.

Shared Access / Multi Users

Shared Access

Add, remove, enable, disable users anytime.

Smart Alert Groups

Multi-Stage Alerts

Alert specific users based on multiple temperature & humidity triggers.

Alert Scheduling

Alert Scheduling

Set schedules to arm and disarm alerts whenever you want.

Nothing beats a Temp Stick!
WiFi Shield

WiFi Shield

Internet lost/found alerts. Logs and restores data when WiFi is offline.

Automated Email Reports

Automated Reports

Temp & Humidity reports by email: daily, weekly or monthly.

Best Battery Life

Best Battery Life

Low power chip technology, 2x AA batteries last up to a year or more.

Best WiFi Range

Best WiFi Range

Powers through the toughest obstacles including safes, freezers & walk-in coolers.

Temp Stick Pro Specifications:

Probe Temperature -238° to 500° F (-150° to 260° C)
Probe Accuracy Included T-Type Thermocouple  ±0.5°C
Ambient Temperature -40° to 140° F (-40° to 60° C)
Ambient Humidity 0 — 100% RH
Accuracy Temperature  ±0.15°C, Humidity  ±2.0% RH
Probe Cable Length 6.5 ft
Probe Tip 304 Stainless Steel, Diameter: 0.118" (3mm)
Supported Probes Types: K, J, T, N, S, E, B, R & Pipe Clamp (K)
WiFi Frequency 2.4 Ghz
Power Source Runs on AC and/or 2x AA Batteries
Battery Life 1+ year (using typical settings)
Warranty 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • T-Type Thermocouple Probe
  • Micro-USB power cable (6 ft)
  • AC adapter
  • 2x AA batteries
  • Flexible wall mount (optional)
  • Lanyard (optional)


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Protect Frozen Foods With Temp Stick Pro

Probe temperature range -238 F to 500 F Shop Other Thermocouple Probes

Business Alert Scheduling

Automatically arm and disarm alerts whenever you want.

Easy to use alert scheduling

Multi-Stage Alerts

Set thresholds for different people.

Smart Alerts from Temp Stick

Only Temp Stick allows you to set multiple alert triggers at various levels.

Which Temp Stick® is best for me?

Temp Stick Temp Stick Temp Stick Power Temp Stick Temp Stick Logo Temp Stick
Price $139 $159 $189
Indoor Temperature Range (Device) -40° to 140° F -40° to 140° F -40° to 140° F
Indoor Humidity Range 0 — 100% (RH) 0 — 100% (RH) 0 — 100% (RH)
Realtime Sampling
Battery Life 2x AA (1+ yr)
Temperature Alerts
Humidity Alerts
Heat Index Alerts
Dew Point Alerts
Internet Loss Alerts
USB Power
Power Outage Alerts
Includes Temperature Probe
Probe Temperature Alerts
Probe Temperature Range -238° to 500° F

(depends on probe model)

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How does Temp Stick work?

Temp Stick sends updates via your WiFi to alert you if temperature or humidity hit critical levels. Alert multiple people via text, email or push notifications.

Update Settings Remotely

Check-in anytime, view latest sensor readings, edit trigger points and update preferences.

Access from Anywhere!

Continuous monitoring and alert notifications all year round without paying a monthly fee or subscription charge.

Download Temp Stick for Google Play Store Download Temp Stick for Apple App Store
Access Temp Stick Dashboard from your Phone, Tablet or PC

Are there any fees?

No, the Unlimited data logging and 24/7 monitoring and alerts are FREE for the lifetime of the sensor.
Add as many Temp Sticks as you'd like.

Where can I use it?

You can set up your Temp Stick sensor anywhere that has a WiFi connection. If your Temp Stick is tampered with you will be notified of a lost connection.

What powers it?

Temp Stick™ runs on two AA batteries. Batteries will last approximately 1+ Years (depending on settings).

Is there any other equipment needed?

The Temp Stick is an all-in-one monitoring and alert device, it only requires an active WiFi connection and two AA batteries (included)!