The Temp Stick works only on a 2.4Ghz Wifi network for maximum range & reliability.

The main advantage of a 2.4GHz network is that it has a longer range than a 5GHz network. This is because lower frequency radio waves can travel farther and penetrate through walls and other obstacles better than higher frequency waves. The longer wavelength of the lower frequency waves (2.4GHz) can bend around objects and follow the contours of the environment, while the shorter wavelength of higher frequency waves (5GHz) tends to bounce off objects and be absorbed more easily.

Because the Temp Stick only requires a very small amount of data to operate, the faster data transfer rates and higher bandwidth of a 5GHz network would not be beneficial. If your Temp Stick is located far away from your router or in an area with many walls and other obstructions, a 2.4GHz network will be able to provide a stronger and more reliable connection than a 5GHz network.

2.4GHz Wifi -vs- 5 GHz Wifi

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