The New & Improved Temp Stick v2

May 1st, 2023

We are thrilled to unveil a range of exciting updates and enhancements to our cutting-edge product. At Temp Stick, we continuously strive to provide our customers with the most reliable and advanced temperature & humidity monitoring technology available.

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Temp Stick v2 by Ideal Sciences


Easy On/Off Switch

Easy On/Off Switch

Easily toggle the power on and off as needed, preserving the batteries inside.

OTA Updates

Over the Air Updates

Your Temp Stick will automatically stay up-to-date with latest features.

Realtime Temperature and Humidity

Faster Alerts & Sampling

Temperature and Humidity is sampled every second so you can be alerted the moment a threshold is crossed.

More Offline Storage - Up to 1,000 offline readings

More Offline Storage

If internet connection is lost, the Temp Stick stores up to 1,000 offline readings.

Realtime Temperature and Humidity

Multiple WiFi Networks

Add a backup WiFi network for enhanced reliability and peace-of-mind.

Longer battery life with 2xAA batteries

Longer Battery Life

Enjoy 1-2 years of service before needing to change batteries (batteries included).

Easy Home Automation with Temp Stick

Alexa, IFTTT & Public API Support Now Available!

Both Temp Stick v1 and v2 customers can now enjoy the ease of accessing their Temp Stick data via Alexa, IFTTT or using our Public API.

Create easy and clever home automation rules or control other devices using IFTTT or our Public API.

Supports Just Ask Alexa Supports IFTTT Public API Available
Realtime Temperature and Humidity

Other updates and improvements for all Temp Stick users:

  • Shared Access

    Add, remove, enable, disable users anytime. Set permissions and track change history.
  • Multi-Stage Alerts

    Alert specific users based on multiple temperature & humidity triggers.
  • User Change-History Log

    Track user-related events and account changes.
  • Automated Reports

    Unlimited data history. Temp & Humidity reports by email: daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Public Status Page

    Visit to view the status of our services anytime.
  • WiFi Connection Info

    View your signal strength and avg connection time for your sensors anytime within your account.
  • Alert History Log

    Temp Stick keeps a 3 month history of your triggered alerts in your account. View log anytime.
  • Connection Alert Sensitivity

    Set the amount of connection attempts the sensor will make before alerting you of an internet outage.